November 18, 2010

Yahoo and marriage.

"Mommy, have you ever regretted marrying daddy?"

Sometimes a mother never knows when a teachable moment will present itself...

My response: 
Does that mean that mommy and daddy haven't had arguments and that mommy didn't want to run away?  No, it doesn't, but because your daddy loves me, he would never let me go!  Honey, our life is based on what God says, not by how we feel or what we may want."

Later on today, I noticed Yahoo had posted an article about marriage becoming obsolete and I am curious about who they actually polled or interviewed.  Nonetheless, it is extremely disheartening that we are redefining what a family is.  The sacredness of marriage has lost its value, but that's nothing new, really.  

Nothing lasts very long when winds blow strong and waves beat powerfully against it continuously...
...unless it's founded on the Rock.

Despite what the media flaunts as trendy, textbooks rewrite to suit their agenda or Yahoo reports, I will cling to the Rock and drink from the fountain of love, security and enjoy the benefits that Love brings, along with my Heavenly Father's blessing.



mom2six said...

Just lovely. I too choose to cling to The Rock. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband these last almost 29 years (married & dating). His presence has given a firm foundation these many years. The longer we are married, the sweeter and more precious our lives together become.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

So true. Marriage is far from is such a grounding and comforting thing. A good marriage I think is an example that helps us see unconditional love, and helps us to understand that if our spouse can love us no matter what, then so can God, even more perfectly.


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