November 15, 2010

Don't you Bumember?

(My granddaughter says remember like this: 
Bumemeber, gramma?)
I can't tell you how that sounds to such a young gramma like me!  Tickles my heart and makes me miss her even more!

Every Monday I yearn to sit and spill over these keys what's most important, the thing that keeps me solid, fixed to eternity right here, right now-to share some spectacular 'thing' going on in walk with Jesus:
the love He pours over me, in and through me, and to recount the tapestry of His work in my everyday, seemingly ordinary life.

Yet there are days when I sit here and nothing comes. 
I feel as though I've dried up, with little color left to remotely resemble Him... 

'Jesus, where are you?'
My heart and head are groping in the dark...'
(Sickness has a way of weakening hinges on the heart-door so self pity
can slither in and wrap its ugly tentacles around one's soul...)

and Yet...
After laying flat on my back for three days, drugged up on no-name NyQuil, blowing my nose, coughing and drained to the core,

I remembered...

'I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me because he trusts me.'  Is. 26:3. 

'And I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again.'   Philip. 1:6

The condemning breath of guilt had no grip on my soul.

Door shut. 
                                 Not open for business.

He is faithful.
Remains always faithful.
Mercies new and fresh today.

On to my favorite part of Mondays,

His favor on me to display two of my photographs in an art show at the Emily Morgan Hotel
my Love made the frames from old fence posts!

Her hands finding ways to meet a need

one of her favorites to make...

being invited to join-and I did- a 'Garden club' by a sweet lady and listening to this month's talk on begonias...this one was truly amazing...the leaves twirl!  (I'm the youngest gal there!)

a date with my Love to the art show and then on to Cracker Barrel for hot lemon/honey tea (they didn't have any herbal tea!)...

just the two of us...alone...

(I love my rock star!)

Yellow ball of warmth bathing my skin as a form of recuperation while boys stretch their leg muscles after exercising their mind muscle!

the beginnings of another Fall bag...not much Fall left, huh?

my voice coming back

cuddling on the loveseat

soft tissues on a tender nose

a clean Lego city!

cough drops

curiously delightful hens~

hangin' out together on the floor of Barnes and Nobles because mom was needing to get out of the house after three days of laying in bed~this was so fun!

dad's oatmeal cookies, anything dad bakes

being able to breathe again through both sides of my nose

sharing Jesus on Facebook with someone I went to grammar school with!

Love making me a cup of tea

watching Martian Child together

reading the newspaper to the boys on the couch

a walk and sharing tonite alone--again--!

strength of passion on lovers when illness tests its metal.
family over for Sunday lunch while I slept peacefully, unaware of their presence

Wow, despite all the time I spent in bed, this was an amazing week, filled with lots of family time and productivity.

Join me and others over at Ann's corner of the blogosphere and take in the elixir of gratitude.
holy experience

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