November 9, 2010

A Tuesday Tapestry

How magnificent are His ways,


He is Creator, expressing His love and tender care for his creation,

coloring sky rich hues of blue,

spilling out across the horizon...

Such are my thoughts as I weave moments of time spent in NY with our daughter and her family, as well as time with our son, Daniel Paul, before he heads to Hawaii this week!

The magnificent sky-colors above fade into a background of delicate tones down below:

My dearest friend, Diane, holds Patience Anne even before me!

We are family...I've got all my kids, almost, with me!

Turns out, the pan was way too small! 

Can you say Cute?

Thanksgiving dinner helpers...

'I love my mommy!'

What happens when Trinity is off being creative!

A great start to spending time wisely...

Tender moments

My beautiful mother-in-law

Last signs of fall in Rachael's  yard...

I leave you with this one...a party is about to happen, so the hall needs to be cleaned...

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