October 12, 2010

A memorable week/the angels dance for her...

One day late to rejoice over my gifts, but I'm so glad I waited. 

Good things come to those who wait...twelve days of waiting. 

My newest granddaughter,

Patience Anne Ritenburg,

 arrived at 4:25 this morning and angels danced at her arrival.

Of this I am sure. 

She weighed 9 lbs., 4 oz.  I didn't get many details because it was too early in the morning and because they were exhausted.  I can wait for details...patience...see, she's already teaching me things. 
I long to meet and kiss her soft, tender cheeks. 

The gifts keep coming:

my MP3 player that was laundered last week is kinda working again!!!  Thank you, Jesus.

a Holy Yoga retreat this past weekend, spent with thirty other women hungry for Him and rest in His presence

time alone with You, Daddy, and Your creation...

dad making a delicious Beef stew on Saturday for Sunday's lunch

enveloped in sheets of tender closeness with my Love when all is quiet throughout the house

falling back asleep after hearing the news of Patience Anne being born

cousin-time playing barefoot in a new park, a jewel hidden in the middle of our great city,  just discovered-lots of pictures...it was a fun day.

making it through Holy Yoga last nite after being soooo sore from the weekend. 
That was a gift.

His voice softly speaking in my ear all week, amidst struggles, challenges and busyness.

What a Great week.

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mom2six said...

Congratulations and wonderful list!


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