September 20, 2010

What do you really believe?

Why did Jesus come to earth? Really, why did He come?  Was it just to save us from eternal death, free us from the chains of sin and to take us home to heaven when we die? 
This is what Jesus said of his coming:
Pilate replied, "You are a king then?"
"You say that I am a king, and you are right," Jesus said. "
I was born for that purpose.
And I came to bring truth to the world.
All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true."
John 18:37 (NLT)

So, what is the truth?

Can you define it? 

Is it important and if so, what does one 'do' with that truth? 

Does it affect the way one lives because one's actions are the most reliable indicator of one's beliefs...

Do you really believe that what you believe is really real? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions and discussion...

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So, in remembrance of this past week's gifts and my gratitude, I recount:

...that my father tenderly and faithfully cares for his love every morning, afternoon and evening.

Saturday morning at 'Big Apple Bagels'...

...then to the zoo.  That was such a gift.

wonderful, fresh, cooler weather rain...

an afternoon date with my love to see Toy Story 3

dinner alone

five eggs in one day

delicious coffee shared with my Love

a great week of school

God intricately working on my heart and showing me how deeply He loves me

company on Sunday afternoon

snuggling with my Love and sleeping in on Sat. morning

knowing the Truth personally

my sister buying fabric for me and getting to spend time with her and her children today, despite having to drive back home halfway there because I forgot important sewing stuff I needed!

enjoying the company of my boys on the hour long road trip there and back

my dad coming home early from the emergency room after a second visit a week apart and him feeling much better today-steroids are keeping him very active cooking, cleaning and helping me in the kitchen...that is a tremendous gift!

his first convection cake-he lost the instruction book, actually misplaced it like a million other things, and so it was kinda dry and it fell apart, but the chocolate frosting made it perfect...the smell of it 'cookin' lingered for an hour before he finally finished it and let us have some!

growing boys still enjoying the sand

Drop me a note and enjoy your week.


Caroline said...

Hey Daune- great post. In response to your question about belief. Yes, I really believe in what I believe in and the evidence of this is in the mundane as well as the notable and exciting days of my life. God is with me in everything that I do, every breath that I take and I can see Him everywhere I look from the tiniest flower in my garden to the wide sweeping landscape of open fields I see whilst I'm driving to work. I am aware of my creator in everything I see and do.

Daune said...

Excellent point! I honestly believe that when we walk in truth and keep our eyes open to the reality of God in our everydayness, He is speaking, revealing, changing and demonstrating how amazing and marvelous He really is!
Thanks for sharing!


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