August 23, 2010

A functioning thyroid!

On this birthday Monday, my Love has turned 49 years young! I celebrate you, Jef.
Where has time gone?  We've been married longer than not and our 'babies' are growing up before us...

So much to declare of His goodness, but not with pictures tonite...too late.

After going to my Primary doctor, she tells me my thyroid is functioning...little does she know since I've never seen her before, that this half of my thyroid the surgeon left was dead!  It is alive and functioning after surgery and being useless for over seven yrs!  I have been speaking His Word over it a long time...

Our boys turned twelve last Wed!

His faithfulness to lead us in choosing curriculum for our boys this year.

grace to gently ease these boys back into an 'educational' mindset...whew!

waking up early and being rested.

His voice in the night reminding me that craft shows aren't about selling my 'stuff', but about reaching out to others and 'salting' their bland lives!

sweet sleep...nite nite!

1 comment:

mom2six said...

Happy birthday to your husband. Praise God for your functioning thyroid. Life goes by so quickly, but God is faithful. Lovely post.


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