July 20, 2010

July halfway over already!

It feels like it's been forever since I sat here and pounded away at these keys, remembering all that has gone on in my life.

After my first craft show two Fridays ago, we went to Paradise Canyon on Sunday for our annual church picnic.  Then the next day, we headed to Houston to visit family on Love's side that we should have visited years before.  For three days, we relaxed and I realized that I am such a creature of habit.  When one is used to doing things a certain way and then one can't, it gives opportunity to contemplate the habit.  Some of my habits, I missed.  Others, honestly, I was glad to step back and examine.  It was a great visit and we really enjoyed connecting with Love's relatives.  Below are the twins holding another set of twin girls, their third cousins...Emma and Ella!  They were so little and dainty.

This is Love's uncle Ken and aunt Marilou...they are such a blast!  Uncle Ken is 85 and she is 78...we all went swimming at the neighborhood pool together!  That was so much fun.

How could I forget that en route to his cousin's home, we stopped at the Galleria mall!  It has an ice-skating rink on the lower level!!!  We were blown away.  But that's not why we went there; there is an actual Lego store on the third floor.
We had to stroll through Neiman Marcus first.  I noticed a huge purse with no price tag.  Love informed me that if one has to ask what the price is, one should not be shopping there!  I overheard Caleb tell Isaac, "Did you see that box?  Don't touch anything...that box of candy cost $15!" 
We took the escalator to the third floor and as soon as they spied the big Lego sign, they were off like they were at Disneyland!


That visit was a lot of fun...until Caleb realized he'd laid down his camera!  I prayed and asked the cashier if she had it and sure enough, she did...thank you, Jesus!  We got some 'water' colored pieces and that evening we created a river running through the country with a pig, trough, and somehow I incorporated a stained glass window on top of a bridge! 

Friday came and went.  I think the going constantly caught up with me and I had a migraine.  But after sleeping for four hours, we went to church that evening for a marriage seminar.  Isaac asked Jef, "So dad...why do you and mom need to go to a marriage thingy.  Haven't you guys been married forever?  Don't you have it down yet?"  He reminded him of two things..."Son, number one:  we didn't get to where we are without help and secondly, there's always room for improvement!"  That satisfied him.

Saturday morning, I got to go to a 'sewing play date'!  That was a lot of fun and hangin' with godly women was so encouraging.  We worked on 'Holy Yoga bags' for the October conference in Leakey, Tx (check out the beautiful pix)!  I can't wait! 
Then, after I got home and made lunch, we all headed to my sister's to swim and relax...Jacob gave the boys his stilts...

Today we went to a new pool and were the only ones there.  IT's always pleasurable when there is quiet and one can swim without fear of being tackled, splashed or squished!


It's already the middle of July and time to beginning preparing for the upcoming school year...
GRADE 7!  Time has whizzed by and my little twin boys are turning twelve in, as they put it, twenty-eight days!  This morning, mom and I were discussing the day they came home from the hospital...everyone, it seemed, came over to hold these precious little babies.  Seems like yesterday.

I missed Multitude Monday AGAIN...but that doesn't have to stop me from pausing a moment to reflect on all His graciousness and gifts to me:



setting goals with my Love

time to blog

another craft show in August

hubby's satisfaction with returning to work

friends that love Jesus and make me accountable

good meals

date nite

my sister's pool when the temp is 98 degrees!

family letters via email

my sewing machine

Love's tools to build me stuff!

too many gifts to count...


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