May 12, 2010

Gifts are Work!

I thought of posting yesterday every time I walked by the computer table, but it always takes so long to sit and think and then I even wondered if I had anything  worth writing about! 

Yet, as Love and I lay in bed last nite, he read the first chapter of 'Love and War' by John and Stasi Eldridge.  That led to a conversation about how married couples wind up at a such a place of disconnect that they ask,
'how did we get here?'
'maybe we should get divorced.'

It brought to mind what I've been pondering the last few days:

Ever notice that a gift generally involves some kind of work? 

A potted flower.
A book.
A new DSLR camera.
A gift card.

And on and on...

Marriage is a gift.
It takes hard work, effort, planning, sweat, sacrifice, love, perseverance, patience, and...

Might  these eleven letters all put together be the cement that keeps a marriage moving forward in a direction of His doing? 

We forgive because He forgave. 

How can we not extend the same gift to our spouse that the Creator of the Universe extended to us while we were still His enemy?

Perhaps if one looked at their marriage with eyes that saw past their own wants* or needs into His eyes of forgiveness, lay down their selfishness and love the way they've been loved.
I am of the opinion that the God of the universe is actively involved in the affairs of men, particularly His own kids. 
When I hear almost every day of Christian couples we know that are divorcing, I am dumbfounded. 
I know there are circumstances that warrant this act, but this post is not about those situations. 
I am speaking directly to the women and men that have bought the lie that 'it's too late' or 'he/she/things will never change' or 'I'm just not happy anymore'.


Who ever said it was about your happiness anyway?
Hasn't He, the Almighty God, said in Malachi,

"I hate divorce!" 

That's pretty clear.

 No mincing words. 

Very matter of fact.

...which leads me to believe that somewhere along the way...

a lie was planted and over time it germinated~
(aren't lies what always get one into trouble?) 
a seed sown; perhaps a disagreement never fully resolved;
forgiveness never extended or received.  
A germinated lie will grow and multiply like weeds, causing division in a home and family, ultimately bringing about the death of a marriage.

Are you believing any lies about your spouse, your marriage, or even yourself? 
If so, arrest them. 
Send them back where they came from. 
They will destroy you, your marriage and your legacy.

 Begin to believe the Truth.
Your marriage is a gift to you, your children and your grandchildren.
Forgive, ask forgiveness and unwrap the gift of love that God has given in your spouse.
Is it easy? 
But gifts are work. 

In light of my gifts, here are a 'few' to recount from last week...

dad's laughter during the preshow at 'Azul', the dolphin show at Sea World
two trips to the Japanese Sunken Tea Garden, all within a week!
collecting yellow Columbine seeds 
zinnias seedlings pushing their way through dirt 
my first zucchini squash from the garden
bunches of beets and green beans

delicate nature handling
being treated like a queen on Mother's day
eating out twice that day!
having all four sons at church on Mother's day
seeing mom smile & her appetite coming back
a pink tool bag with pink and lavender tools to work alongside my carpenter husband!
knowing how much my daughter loves me!

planting coneflowers/more sunflowers/Shasta daisies in the 'Garden of Eden'
figuring out how to use my new camera
my Love cutting my hair!
rain in the forecast

undying love

rearranging the living room furniture
a passion fruit scented candle lingering through the house
naps (do I write this every week?)
'school' almost being finished for this year
happy chickens waddling toward me when I offer them a treat
season passes to Sea World, the zoo
God speaking to me
listening ears and hearts
long, lingering kisses
Uno on the ottoman
boy hands cuddling a fledgling dove
texts from friends wishing me a great Mom's day
a clean bird bath, fountain flowing freely
dad discovering the 'Texan' in him!

Dairy Queen
nieces and nephews, near and far
one brother
healthy grandchildren
Rudyard Kipling
Ps. 49:1-10, quoted by studious lads early in the morning
blueberry pancakes

moments like this; her face says it all!

imagination-what do you see?

Wow...that's just a smidgin' of the fulness of my life.  Have a great week.

*James 1:14-15But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.  Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death.

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