January 7, 2010

New Challenges and Adventures ahead!

My mom has been in the hospital since Sat. nite and the house just isn't the same with her gone.
She was complaining of hip pain that continued to intensify as the evening went along. I took her and dad over to the ER at about 9 pm and they finally admitted her at 4:30 am, Sunday morning.
When the Demoral didn't even touch the pain, they finally gave her something to sleep, so her bp would come down and she could actually rest.
The physician told her she could 'hold her liquor' when the meds wouldn't help....
She was much better, she told us, after we woke her Sunday at noontime.
She didn't even know she was in a regular room-that's how well the sleeping meds worked!
They could not get an IV in her arm and they tried about six different places (they could only use the right arm because of the fistula in her left). The doc finally tipped her upside down in bed and put it in her neck!
She has bruises all over her right arm.

They took an MRI Monday on her hip, but found nothing...today they took another one in different parts of her back because yesterday, when the doc touched parts of her back, she flinched.

(They can't seem to get a handle on the pain she's still experiencing.)
Her spirit is good in that she seems ok to still be in there.
She told me how they bring her a snack about 9 pm!
And she's directly across the hall from the nurse's station.
I was so impressed with her legs that I took a pix.
They've never been that skinny!
Not sure how happy she'd be with me for posting them.

Monday evening, we met with a young couple for premarital counseling...that was so refreshing and yet I felt this weight the whole time because I just spent two days searching for the leader's guide. God knows where it is, but as yet, I can't seem to hear Him tell me where it is. We'll probably have to buy another one before Monday.
School began Monday, as well.
We read a book about Washington Irving on Monday, and then on Tuesday, Caleb found an old book, from 1868, about Christopher Columbus sitting on the bookshelf written by Irving ! I knew I had that book, but hadn't paid attention to the author. It is definitely a stretch for all of us to comprehend the language, but I firmly believe their vocabulary is being built and their comprehension is definitely developing. I know mine is!
Our family has made a decision that we're going to get hens again in March, but this time ones that are ready to lay! It's legal in San Antonio to have five hens and a rooster, I believe, but there won't be a rooster to contend with this time. The last one we had liked to get into fights with me and my yellow plastic bat. I always won!
Our friends that bought the coop and hens from the ranch we lived on two years ago have expanded their 'flock', so we're heading out to Blanco then and getting six hens from them. This means that the boys will have a spring project of building a new coop, on a smaller scale, and educating themselves on what these 'babie's' will need.
Oh, on Saturday, we went to the country and picked up bags of horse manure for my garden for FREE. Then, yesterday, I picked up some books on gardening in Texas at the library...I'm doing it right this time! This will be my project with dad this spring. Actually, we're gonna till pretty soon...
I planted bulbs Josh gave me for Christmas out front and some chive seeds in pots.

Then, wanting to see things come up nearby, I planted some crocuses in pots, too! They're already coming up.

These are just some of the every day things going on amidst the spiritual challenges that we are facing and winning...
...relationally between Jef and me.
Sometimes I forget how easy it is to only focus on what I see...yet, when tempers flare, conflicts arise and offenses are taken, I remember really quickly who is attacking and whose side I'm on. Every once and a while I literally hear the enemy attacking me through words that are spoken to me about my submission to Jef and why I don't stand up for myself and argue back or do my own thing...he's so sly...but I catch him and laugh because I know then that I'm exactly where I need to be, serving Jesus by serving my husband and submitting to him...
Another note I forgot to mention...Josh has temporarily moved in with us, too...he is saving to either buy a house or rent one. So, that adds to the mix one more person with a different lifestyle and choices. I see how I'm constantly having to readjust my ideas of things, look to Jesus for grace and walk in love...
Wow. Life is good and full and this year is hitting me full speed ahead...I'm hangin' on to You, Lord Jesus.


Caroline said...

Like your new style blog!

Hope your mum is ok

Daune said...

Caroline...Mom called today to say the MRI showed a former fracture in her spine that they can't do anything about...she's relieved, and so am I!
Yeah, I thought the blog needed a face lift! I need to add more 'stuff'!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Daune said...

thanks, anonymous.


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