January 8, 2010

Mom's news...and more...

Well, turns out my mom has to wear a brace because the MRI showed that she has a fractured disc in her spine-a former injury...she has no idea when or where she did it, either (but Dad said she did fall last year in the bathroom, but didn't complain of any back pain)! 
At this point, they are working with the brace and I am believing she will not need surgery.  We'll see if she comes home tomorrow.  Isaac really misses her and we're all anxious for her arrival.


Our Dan, second son, headed to Florida tonite with my nephew, Jacob.  Funny thing is I'd just been praying for him when my sister called to say they were on their way...God loves these boys so much.  Suppose the job he was going to quit happened today, rather than in two weeks.


It is really cold here.  For this area, 14 degrees is COLD, so I've been working on making these cute wool scarves from some fabric I bought at the thrift store last summer...who'd of thought!  Two matching ones...for dad and mom...

Time for 'Family movie nite'...'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs!'  I remember reading the boys that book a long time ago.
Have a great weekend.

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Caroline said...

Glad your mum now has a diagnosis and can be treated. Have a great week-end. Thanks for letting me know about my blog. I have changed the template.


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