January 12, 2010

Do you Fly?

Since the beginning of this new year, I've been kicking around the pebble of good health, the cost of picking it up and putting it in my pocket. 

Sometimes, just kicking the stone seems like enough exercise!

Our son, Josh, is staying with us while he figures out what his future holds.  He is in great health...he runs, lifts weights and generally eats good and buys these green drinks that have the name 'Naked' written on them. 

So, lately he's been asking me if I want to run with him, to which I laugh and say I'll walk and he can run...we've gone out once, tho he's asked often like last nite when mom came home from the hospital and I had to redo all her meds according to the hospital's discharge papers.
 I laughed because it was a joke to think I could just pick up and go...although it would have been a great stress reliever!
But today, as I've been reminding myself...
He loves me, I'm His, my body is His...
 so walking for my health is no big deal...plus the temp was in the 60's and school went great and we were finished before 2:00.  So out we ventured.

It was delightful to listen to the boy's conversations about so many different things...like Isaac asking, at first, "Mom, why do people let their dogs wander?"  And when I didn't respond, "Mom, why do dogs let their owners wander?" All just to see if I was listening to him.  We just cracked up and discussed that dogs don't have the control they should over their owners! 
Then he says, "I can't walk with you anymore because I"m going to lose too much weight and these pants are gonna fall down!"  They actually did slip down below his undies as he was running in front of me and I had to stop running from laughing so hard! 
Such a dry sense of humor.

Anyway, we walked for forty minutes and although I felt my muscles twitching, I felt exhilarated and wanted more.

I grabbed my MP3 player and headed out to the trampoline...

For another twenty minutes, I flew-straight into His arms and we danced and jumped together.

While flying, I had a few revelations:  
(don't ya just love it when you're feet aren't on the ground how you can hear better?)

I'd been listening to lies... 
'If you get up on that trampoline, you might hurt yourself or get too tired or any number of things could go wrong.'  


Every time I jumped a little higher, I had to laugh at myself at how ridiculous I must have looked, but yet how freeing it was to be doing it.

(Sidenote:  As I sat here writing, my dad came up with chocolate covered cherries and offered me one...when I said 'no thanks', he continued with why I could/should have one...'You've jumped, right, and all the sugar is gone!'  I stuck up my hand and said, "GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!"  He said that wasn't nice...to which I reminded him that Satan knows my weaknesses and those are one of them!)

Another revelation was that He was laughing with me.
 Jesus was with me on that springy circle and He was for me having fun and we were having fun together...
Life has been very challenging since mom came back home.  She is still in a lot of pain, her meds are different, I have to cook a meal for her (and she's become very picky, too!) each time (no sandwiches or letting her rough it on her own) and she requires being watched in order to be sure she eats (her appetite has dwindled tremendously), just like one would care for a baby.
My time is not my own, even more so now, and her health  is literally dependent on me (staying alive) by being aware of her needs ahead of time and meeting them.
I am not complaining because I see this as a season and I have thrown myself into it in order to celebrate her and the time we're together.  But...as a result of these changes, I have felt guilty to do anything for myself or have any 'fun'...another lie I believed...ugh!

Then I saw how exhilarating and fun life can be when I let go of the boulders that I'd been dragging around, stooped down and picked up that little pebble of health and dropped it in my pocket.

Flying isn't really that difficult; it just requires one to jump and grab hold of His arms-whether or not one is on a trampoline! 

Do you fly?

"But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint."
                                                                                                                          Isaiah 40:31


Anonymous said...

hay mom this post brings back memorys I did not experents on that walk
sincerly your son

Anonymous said...

hi mom you rock!


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