January 29, 2010

A Second Attempt, but the thanks must go on!

After two hours or so of tweaking my Multitude Monday post, my dad startled me; it was late and he was shaking and having difficulty breathing, so I prayed for him, turned to hit the 'publish' button, only to find that it hadn't been saved and it was gone~sigh~  Because it was so late, I just gave up and headed to bed- it was close to 2 am!

Later on in the morning, I took dad to the hospital thinking I'd be picking him up in the afternoon because the doc's office told him to go to the ER.  Then my brother-in-law called and said he was in the hospital with my nephew, Joseph, across town and could I keep their daughter overnite.  Absolutely.

Four o'clock, five and no calls from dad.  Finally, I called the ER and they said he was stable and not sure if he'd be staying...at 7 p.m. I called again and the news came:  He's staying...so Love and I headed to the VA hospital while mom stayed here with the three children. 

I've often wondered when I've driven dad to the hospital why there are police cars and such...now I know.
We got on the elevator, heading to the fifth floor.  There was one other person getting on.  I noticed the fluorescent bulb flickering overhead and commented that it reminded me of a movie.  Then this guy looked over at me and just starts talking like he was part of the conversation, "You want to see a sick movie?  Watch, '..........' (I have no idea what he said it was cuz I was taken aback by the emotion of his words), "cuz there's this part where this guy stabs this other guy with a T-bone steak and keeps stabbing him."  He began to do the motions of neck stabbing as the door opened and Jef quickly escorted me out!  OH MY WORD.  That was the freakiest thing I've experienced in a long time.  I thought I was in such a movie for a second...!

I wanted to post Wednesday, as well, about walking with Him.  That didn't happen either because I spent the day driving mom back and forth to dialysis, hitting the library twice,  and shopping with 'The Three Musketeers"-Emily, Isaac and Caleb.

Just as we headed home from dialysis, dad called my cell to say he was ready to be picked up, so I dropped mom and 'the three stooges' back home so they could make a cake for dad and Joseph's release from their respective hospital stays!  By the time I got home from that trip, I was wiped...had to nap...Love came in and we cuddled and slept till supper with Joseph and his dad...family is great, so are crockpots!

My gratitude list, sighing deeply:
#115:  our children coming in March.  NO greater joy than to 
see our children walking in the 

#116: hanging laundry in winter.

#117:  Smiling parents at Bass Pro Shop.

#118:  Alone moments with Love to the top of the hill in our neighborhood to take in our magnificent citylights at nite.  The camera does no justice to the beauty.

#119:  Some trees stay green here year round, so it seems.
#120:  faraway friends

#121:  vulnerable nakedness held in his arms, a most powerful weapon in the hands of our God

#122:  a second car

#123:  gas only costing $2.49 a gallon!

#124: road trips to the hill country.
#125:  a meal I didn't cook or clean up after

#126:  my pastor sending an encouraging thank you note; it arriving at the PERFECT TIME, of course; isn't He always perfect?

It may be Friday, but you can still hop over to Ann's website and check out other's gratitude posts.  Just click on the picture.  Enjoy yourself.

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Caroline said...

What a week you've had! Hope you all have a peaceful and restful week-end.

Daune said...

I wish! We had a young couple flying in just for the weekend for a visit and some impromptu premarital counseling, too! But, it's all really good stuff!

Daune said...

I mean, we have, not had...they're coming tonite.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Oh my! You've had quite a week! Yet you still found time to count your blessings. We count them with you.

God bless you, sister.


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