October 2, 2009

...Missin' this Place...

Sunset peace

How I miss writing.

San Antonio downtown lights.

SA nite lites

A Poem...
My life is in high gear,
a speed that will not slow.
A life of faith-not fear,
Never dreamed how I'd grow!

Silly little ditty, but I felt the need to pen something.

Would you pray for my mother? She's back in the hospital with an infection from the implant in her arm. I expect our God is well aware and moving on her behalf...pray for my mom's faith not to fail, her heart to be fixed on Jesus, not what she's dealing with...He is her strength.

Thanks much.

River Centre in Downtown San Antonio with my goofy, yet wonderful family!~


One juicy boy!

One juicy boy!

Boy, does my love need a haircut!

trip to the River Walk

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