September 21, 2009

The numbers go up, the blessings come down...

holy experience
The sun shines brighter each day, my heart warms with
(#31): His Word as it softens and melts the hard places,
renews my mind and strengthens my bones and resolve;
this food is eternal.
#32: The house sleeps.
(#33): Love is gone to make some 'bread and butter'
for our physical hunger.

01-08-08 016

These moments are so precious; they begin the numbered gifts of my week.

#34: contagious freckles

09-20 009

#35: A loyal boy awaiting dad's return from a hard day's work.

09-20 001

#35b: Twin boy rested and cuddled by a great dad!

09-20 011

#36: Belonging to a community of believer's that love Jesus and thirst for Him.

#37: The lingering smell of maple flavored bacon from BLT's wafting through the house as I open the door...mmm!
(Small picture; some people aren't thrilled by the image of pig meat! But I'm going for the smell, not the meat!)

food 017

#38: His voice speaking louder than the lie I was believing: 'No need to take offense at these two boys...they aren't purposefully running through the house to upset you, despite the fact that you asked them to be quiet so you could sleep for twenty minutes...they're just tired...'
'Oh. Ok.'
The lie becomes weaker; the truth setting my emotions free to love them unconditionally.
In five minutes, they're sound asleep...
muscles twitching to remind me He is my ever present Help in times of need...
I needed them to rest;
I needed to be refreshed;
they slept,
I rested!
Thank you, Jesus, for hearing my every prayer.

1 comment:

Dianne said...

What a heart-warming post. I love the son waiting anxiously for the dad to come home, and the dad cuddling with other son, how precious--the freckles are darling--Rejoicing with you, Dianne


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