September 14, 2009

It's still Monday, not Tuesday yet!

holy experience

Every week I anticipate Monday and search for just the right picture to describe my gifts...and somehow I miss Monday because I'm getting back in the groove and don't post until Tuesday. It's late, but I made it this week!
How grateful I am for these changes, blessings, 'bumps' that have been spilling Jesus, not Daune.

Not sure if this is # 22. His speaking to me in the nite about the upcoming days and trusting Him every step of the way. A most wonderful gift.

23. A smooth transition to a scheduled day of seatwork and 'learning' from a loose day of just hangin'.
August fun 058

24. His protection after hearing four gunshots-
08-15-07 028
-outside our bedroom window-with a pillow over my head-(I always sleep with a pillow on my head!)

25. My love, for my sake, agreeing to place our mattress on the floor after I called 911!
( I lay there, the thought occurs to me that bullets can go through wood, too, not just glass!) I felt Love's protection by that act, though he knew how silly it was...we smiled across the table about it the next morning!

26. Having read a couple of chapters from "Practicing the Presence of God' before hearing the shots.
I confess that fear tried to hit me hard and 'I'm packing tomorrow and we're out of this house', but then realized that as I trust His presence in me and with us that I would keep my peace and He would lead, rather than me forcing something He had not intended just yet. What a gift to see beyond the immediate to the eternal at that moment.
I had to meditate on Ps. 91-He is true to keep His heart was guarded and I slept well.
"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You: because he
trusts in You."Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)

4-27-07 009

27. Rescuing a large turtle from railroad tracks and car wheels, assuredly! Her name is Rose and she has found her place here...temporarily...
It's a girl!

27b: Listening to boy praise His God for creating such a beautiful creature and how magnificent His creativity is in the design of his new turtle.
New Braunfels turtle

28. After striving over letting our Daizee go for the sake of my mom and her walker, finally praying and believing God for a good home. Saturday we took her to the country...twenty three acres of land to run! A family with another Golden her age, cats-she'll have to adjust to them!-sheep, cattle, etc...heaven for a dog~
His answer and the peace that has accompanied that venture.
One last Daizee Mae picture. You will be missed.


29. His peace about moving BACK TO THE COUNTRY!~ But not striving over where, when, etc. He leads, we follow...His peace guards, protects, comforts and I rest.

30. His presence in the midst of the assembly on Sunday. No better place to be, ever, but in His presence...wherever that may be!
(I have no picture that could come close to describing what it's like!)

31. The chocolate cake! Anytime, anywhere! Even with melted wax!

August fun 155


rose said...

awwww, named your turtle after me...shes so cute...kinda looks like me dont ya think? rose

Daune said...

I actually didn't name her, but I did think of you when they told me and wondered if I'd hear from you!
I enjoyed our conversation...tell Lisa I, too, am so sorry over her losing her brother.
Love you.


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