July 25, 2009

...Twenty-seven years...

Married love,
our anniversary-
a get-away romance-
these are a string of pearls
priceless and valuable.

I remember the day
as though it were yesterday.
We said, 'I do'.
I held your hand.
You kissed my lips and...
the rest is history.
HIS Story.

After twenty-seven years,
I do love you more.
I do need you more-
I do want His plan,
I will walk with you


Caroline said...

Happy Anniversary Daune!

Daune said...

Thanks Caroline! It was a great one...we stayed in a town between SA and Austin...then visited a small town named, "Gruene"...pronounced Green...so inspiring and relaxing!

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to be married to the girl of my dreams for 27 years. When the earth beneath our feet rushes away like the clouds before a storm, I will be with you, still. Your lover and friend, Jef.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Thank you *both* for this glimpse into what true love looks like. God bless you both.


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