June 2, 2009

I love this Life!

Wow, so much has gone on in one week.

First off, my love had been involved in a film project with a wonderful man of God named Tom Allen, who works with Campus Crusade. Friday night was the unveiling of the film and our very own Joshua-David did the drawing of "Destino Man" , a comic book character that comes to life and fights against 'Mexican't' for a Latino guy trying to decide to go to college. It was a cute movie and at the end when the credits ran, there on the screen was my name alongside my love's...I thought, 'what did I do?' Oh, yes, Jef brought home some cloth to make a mask and I showed him how to do it! I've never seen my name scroll down on a film credit before!!! That was a fun evening.
Sat. morning, I went to a sewing store that was closing and found some amazing deals...too many to mention, but the best was getting twin needles for $1 a piece!~
I've been sewing my heart out now that 'school' is over...(they'll probably learn more now that we've put away the schedule and they can just be free to learn!)
That afternoon, Josh, Dan, and Eric came over for cake to celebrate Dan's birthday that was last Thurs. That was enjoyable and I love them guys!!!

Then, Sat. nite, we went to the church we've been attending and were *affirmed as members along with over 100some more people! They had put up a huge screen and we drank root beer floats and watched, "The Alamo"!

Halfway through, I was ready for bed and the boys didn't care for the 'black and white' screening, so we headed home. That was such a treat.

Sunday was a glorious day.
Since our pastor has been on sabbatical, he's made sure that we've gotten fed well and this past Sunday we heard a video presentation by John Ortberg entitled, "Shadow Mission". Based on the story of Esther, it was extemely eye-opening and there were moments that spoke very loudly about leadership.
After the service, Love encouraged me and together we went to a leader and asked if we could pray because I knew in my spirit that I just needed to pray. I know now that it was a deep healing of my soul and another moment of letting go of the past and moving forward.
How precious the Spirit of God in us is to walk us down paths that are painful, yet the narrowness is an ever real knowing that we've found His life in us and He won't share us. He wants all of our hearts and so when those moments come that I am drawn to remember painful past memories, it's His way of leading me to His heart for me-complete devotion to Him, not matter how difficult it is to 'go there'!
The funny thing is that that morning while I was reading the Word and talking to Jesus, I specifically asked Him to make Himself real to me because I was 'feeling' lost.
When we finished praying, I recognized the 'shadow mission' has been thoughts that lie to me about how I see myself. I acknowledged it to God, myself, the enemy and repented for looking to myself and forgetting that Jesus in me is the hope of glory. If I have any talents, gifts, desires, abilities, dreams, and passions, He put them there, He'll bring them to pass and I am hidden in Him.
I am secure in Jesus. Nothing can snatch me out of His hand.
When I have forgotten the truths about whose I am, that's when the enemy has come to rob me of my peace, relationships, then fear makes itself comfortable in bed next to me and I lose sight of His love and His grace to pick up the weapon, His Word, and fight the enemy by the power of the God of Heaven's Armies. But God, HE hears my prayers, the times I literally cry out to Him for revelation, strength, love, grace and as I asked on Sunday morning, 'You said you reward those who diligently seek You'; that's what I did and once again, I'm content in Daddy's lap!

To cap off that marvelous day, we headed to a beautiful home for lunch with a family we'd never met. Jef works with a girl and her husband's sister and brother-in-law invited us to come to their new home in Boerne. (Check out this site!) Wow, what an amazing home!!! They've only been in it for three weeks and so there is much to do, but I was in awe of all the built-in book shelves, the round room, the 'Castle' that was a water cistern:
There was a built in pool that needed to be cleaned, but the frogs I'm sure don't want it cleaned out!
Aren't I so cute!

self explanatory!

The girl Jef works with has quad step children, age 10!

So, there were six ten yr. olds and a three yr. old, as well! They were so adorable!
twins & quads
Here's the Guadaloupe with its ginormous trees. Oh to live on this river!
Guadaloupe river

I took pix and cooled my feet, but the rest of the gang had a blast in the most refreshing river around!
beauty in Boerne

We capped off the evening at Subway and then home to watch 'Ever After'.
That movie so reminded me of that morning and how my Father has given me His name, His royalty and that I have to renew my mind to that truth everyday in order to receive all that He's promised!
I will fight the fight of faith. It's a fight that's already been won!~

P.S.-To top off the victory that this week has brought, I cannot forget to mention that my mom, who's been battling for her health, told me on the 28th that she beat the devil. This comes from someone who has no clue about spiritual warfare, but decided to live and not die. She was really battling anxiety attacks due to the fear of dying, not finishing off her life the way she believes, and the lies the enemy was telling her...but she whooped him by the word of her testimony and belief in a God that loves her! I am in awe of the power of God to hear and answer before we call! Glory to God and Praise and honor to Jesus! You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

*affirmed*-There were two classes to take to belong to this fellowship, but I wasn't in town for the second class, so now I have to finish in July, when Jef will greet me as a new member! ;o)

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