May 23, 2009

...Where Do I Begin?...

Let's see. First off, my mom is in the hospital for the ninth time this year, I think !...then there my new website : Designs by D.A.U.N.E and eventually, when I make some money and get rid of the ads on the page and have more storage space, I'll sell my photos as well. But until then I'll let that go...('focus, Daune, focus...')
But the most wonderful thing to share is that:

I'm going to be a gramma again!!!!
While searching the thrift store for "Batteries Not Included" (which we never found), I got a phone call and the funny thing is that when I heard Rachael's voice, for some reason I knew what she was gonna tell me...we couldn't be more delighted and thrilled! Trinity Faith will only be thirteen months old when either Preston Allen or another little red-headed girl comes on board!
Is she ever gonna need me and am I ever gonna need her! God is in charge of that department.
Today I was thinking about the criticism I've received for leaving family and traveling this far to follow my husband.
Larger than life!
On the surface, it looks like I am selfish and don't really care about my family-ie. my parents, daughter, grandchildren, friends, etc...but, the truth is that I care deeply, but if I care more about them and what they think than I do about Fearing God and obeying His Word, then I am not fit to follow Him. I am not going forward if I focus on what I left behind. My focus is on where I am today, what my husband's purpose is and how I am to position myself to serve Him by Serving him. 'Wives submit to your husband as unto the Lord..." the degree I serve my husband, that is the degree I am serving Jesus.
I suppose this is what Grace is all about. My heart is at peace to be here with everyone I know dearly and love deeply up there. Unless one experiences it, it's difficult to explain.
These are just some of my ponderings lately...
Thanks for sharing them with me ;o)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

So glad, too, to hear of your peaceful heart. Grace and more peace to you.

melissa said...

yikes - lots going on. and omg - another grandbaby! that's great (but 13 months apart is a little too close for my liking:) even though i do miss you i think you are an awesome woman of God for following your husband.

love melissa

Freedom in the Dance said...

You are sweet, my friend!
I miss you, too~the boys miss your boys, as well...they speak of them often as their only close friends from NY, which they are!!!
How's the chocolate business comin'?
Love ya.

Freedom in the Dance said...

Thanks much!

jené said...

So happy to hear of the blessing of a new baby!


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