May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...

What a glorious day it's been!

When one has no expectations, there is no opportunity for the enemy to set one up for disappointment!

I was awakened to: "Happy Mother's Day!" and two ten yr. old boys bringing in a table leaf laden with four plates loaded with fried eggs, toast and cut up strawberries!, forks, and bowls with yogurt. It was a startling way to wake up, but so wonderful to be soooo loved! One little boy took it upon himself to bless me on my day, while the other helped do the carrying! Teamwork!

Then they made me stay in our room after breakfast and daddy mounted my gift...a shelf in the laundry room that they painted the day before with my favorite color! I was told to close my eyes and taken by hand and then 'wala!' Boy, was I surprised...I thought they were making me an Adirondack chair in the garage yesterday...but this, I told my love that I didn't like the shelf and I didn't want it this past it looked great and so practical! I love it and the fact that they worked together on it made it even more special!

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