April 7, 2009

Terrific Tuesday...!

Rearranging, painting, cleaning, rainbowing, moving, changing, decorating, and collapsing in bed at nite...all the while content to see spring come and color return, not only outside, but finally inside.
I've painted my new sewing shop a beautiful yellow with a muted green trim...wish I could share a picture, but my camera battery died and the warranty demands that a new one be sent via snail mail rather than just picking up one from the Best Buy shelf! Ugh, but at least I'm not paying the $40 right now for a new one...eventually I'm sure I'll invest in one, tho. So now, after only paying for the warranty of $35, and getting the camera I had- replaced, I've actually gained money from this camera! I like that kind of warranty!
Love's been off for three days in a row and today he put in a ceiling fan in our room. I'm not sure why we hadn't done it sooner. Who cares, it's up now and the breeze is wonderful.
I've been reading the boys, "Little Men' and they are lovin' it. We've also been reading "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis...way over our heads, but by accentuating certain words, it's held their interest and because it's a short book, I think by the end we'll all figure out what he's talking about!
One more book we're reading is "Poor Richard" about Benjamin Franklin...I am truly enjoying it.
The boys aren't as interested as I am...the quality of Ben's character fascinates me and I am striving to read books to them that will enhance that in their own lives. That's why I love Little Men so much.
Isaac has the sniffles today and every time he's taken some antihistamine meds, he says he's taking his antidote!
I also washed windows today...almost all nine in my bedroom...I kept praying as I stood on the ladder that Daizee wouldn't decide to sniff under me and knock me off!!! She discovered a sprinkler today and we had quite a laugh from her trying to drink from it as well as run at it and then away from it. She wore herself out and when she took a nap, she was snoring out loud and dreaming...such a funny dog...
Well, these are the goings on around here on this Tuesday, five days before Resurrection day. I've been allowing the boys to watch 'Jesus of Nazareth'...one hour a day...so by Sat. they'll be ready for the celebration...perhaps we'll decorate for this marvelous day...the highlight of our life as a follower of Jesus Christ.
See ya...
Glad to see you visit Melissa!
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