March 18, 2009

Spring is in the Air/Or Maybe Summer here in SA!

I realize it's Wednesday. Yet, Thursday is only a matter of hours away.
Since Friday marks the first day of spring, it's only proper to bring it in with a splash of color!

I relish C O L O R !!!

For Valentine's day, my love bought me a huge pack of color card stock because that's what tickled my fancy and wouldn't stay attached to my hips! I love to flip through the pages of color and dream; occasionally take out a sheet to make a birthday card with!

To me, color is one of the many ways that Daddy expresses His love for His children and His creation. I feel intensely loved by Him when I see a colorful blue jay perched on the tree outside my new sewing studio squawking away to sing His praises! Then there's the grackles, the iridescent black color displaying how amazing He is, along with their cry for His mercy so I don't throw something at them! They go on and on and on; can be extremely annoying at times, but, I suppose they have much to declare.
I think that's why I am so enjoying the making of aprons and such...I have surrounded myself with color and it has brightened my I share that with others-my way of sharing His love!

Well, I'm off to finish another girlie apron for an eleven yr. old for her birthday...what fun ;o)
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