February 25, 2009

Well, the timing is perfect, the weather gorgeous and the purpose already fulfilled!

Our wonderful car, a 1995 Ford Windstar, has finally gone to its temporary resting place, the garage...it was a good life for ol' Betsy, but she had seen her days with a whopping 240,000 + miles, a Plexiglas window, no air-conditioning, a 'holey' muffler and various other old age symptoms! She was a great car!~

We noticed on Monday, headed to the tax office and the bank, that we weren't able to go above thirty miles an hour...but we did get where we needed to go...so, that evening we agreed that we ought to do our shopping for the trip, which was already planned, and then park the car in the garage because we were taking a rental car to Florida.

On our way back from Wal-Mart, old Betsy struggled to get up the hill to our street...we're grateful we live so close to the store! We put her in 2nd gear (and she's not a stick shift car!), barely made it up the hill, took the turn to our street, backed her up to the door, Love opened the garage door, got back in, put it in reverse, and...no more gears...No Forward, No reverse, no nothing...But she had made it home! That is until we have her hauled off to 'automobile graveyard'! Jef and the boys had to push her in...
So now she's emptied out and we say, "Thank you, Jesus, for giving us Betsy"!

Fortunately, our planned trip to Florida was to pick up a van my sister and brother-in-law are giving to us...So, although I was hoping to have my own set of wheels, too, I am most grateful we'll have a 'new' car to us and still be car-debt free!

So, I'll be gone for over ten days. When I get back I'm sure I'll have much to share.

Thanks and enjoy the weather where you are!!!

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jené said...

I pray this finds you safely on the way home. Often God's timing is not our timing, but I think He is winking at you now with the retirement of Betsy right before the "new car" comes home. Enjoy the new wheels!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Thanks Jene...
We are still here in Florida and today has been the warmest day yet...only about 72...but I did get to the beach, collect shells and get a serious sunburn...duh! Forgot to put on lotion...but it feels good to have colored this ghostly skin!
Am lookin' forward to gettin' back in a routine again=strange as that seems.

Caroline said...


I have missed your blog with all the Godly inspiration and wisdom that you provide. Hope you are ok, but have just read the above to see you have been on holiday. Hope you and your family had a great time in Florida. We were there 18 months ago. The kids loved it.


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