January 8, 2009

~Listening More-Living More Purposefully!~

...been plugging along-puppy challenges, reading lessons, math problems, science experiments (making doggie treats), making Life deposits into our marriage and spending less time sitting at this desk, more time listening to His voice.

A reflection of Almighty Creator God

Been meditating on who I am in Christ and who He is in me...weights aren't hanging on like they were...things that were a BIG deal really aren't...I'm praying more, laughing more, enjoying this 'school life' and it's changing the atmosphere.
New life

His yoke is continuing to become more custom fit.

His mercies ARE new every morning; yet they have to be experienced to be known.

May I know You by Your Spirit alive in me, not by how I'm feeling or by what I see, even if what I see 'looks' like You, but it's not.

Pictures from 2008. Caleb found a bird in a yard.
Not sure of the name of the flower, but it says "GOD" all over it, to me!


Lori said...

Your photos are beautiful as are your children. All boys? and now a daughter-in-law and granddaughter? Wonderful. I am a few years out of grandparent-hood and can hardly wait for the new little ones to hold as it looks like we will not have any more...only God knows for sure. Thank you for your honesty. I'll be adding you to my blogs to follow. Have a great day!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Actually, we have a daughter(in the pix of our gifts, she's the short red-haired one holding Hailey!!!) she's married and we have four sons, 25, 23, and the twins, ten, and we have two granddaughters
...here's our daughter's blog...
Thanks for your encouragement and glad you stopped by...I'm gonna add you to my blogs, as well!!!
Have a great weekend.

Caroline said...

Love that flower! The colours are so intense and its unfolding shape beautiful. You have a real gift in taking photos and for the things of creation that you capture ( including purple sketcher shoes). Still very cold here. Have a great weekend. Caroline x

Freedom in the Dance said...

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the encouragement!
Today it's 81 and tomorrow colder...60's!

jené said...

All the beauty of nature makes it so easy to see the care the Creator put into everything He created. Helps me to remember just how much He cares for me!

Freedom in the Dance said...

You are so absolutely right! To think that He cares for the birds and so clothes the flowers of the field, how much more does He care for us!


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