January 31, 2009

If Dreams had wings like a sparrow...

if dreams had wings like a sparrow
I'd fly to Vesuvius
spy sky-high molten earth
then dash away for safety

I'd perch atop the Canyon
then dart to Yellowstone
warm my feathers by the steam that,
too, spews its liquid

If dreams had wings like a sparrow
I'd soar to sills
of parents, siblings
sleeping. Kiss them.
But then, at last, I'd land
and build my nest
in the tree of my grandbabies yard.
Where I'd sing them lullabies
and lay eggs that would
hatch out stories
of the places I'd been...

...and all at once
we would fly.
Just me and my girls.

...If only dreams had wings...


L.L. Barkat said...

Daune. Oh. I love this. So glad you sailed in on the last breeze. : )

Caroline said...

Love your new look blog, and your poem!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Thanks, you two, for your comments and encouragement!

Lori said...

Hi Daune--
Just wanted to let you know--you've been tagged. Go to my site to find out what to do:

Have a great day!


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