November 3, 2008

~Monday Morning Delight~

Love discovered he had a flat tire on his way to work and by the time he got back home to change it, its appearance changed dramatically:

He wasn't thrilled that I was capturing this on my camera! It's what I do, tho~

...and finally, he was off with a donut, but not with coffee or even an edible one!

The delight is that this didn't happen yesterday when we were on the highway...I'm sure this occured as a result of being parked in military grass for the air show yesterday afternoon!!!
There are always two ways of looking at things and I choose to be delighted that he made it to work, was only an hour late, and that we had a spare ready.


Jessie said...

Oh goodness!!! It is so funny how your grabbed the camera. Heehee

Thank you for the comment over on my moving post. I had forgotten about what you mentioned. It is wonderful how God prepares our hearts. Thank you for putting me in remembrance of that. It helps.

Have a lovely day. I am off to vote and hit that paint can again!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Keep in mind that you are investing in other's lives by painting and that it is an eternal work!!! That thought has helped me many a move!!! Investing in the future for us and others!


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