October 30, 2008

~Thankful Thursday~

Today, October 30th, 2008, I'm thankful for:

...my father, born this day, seventy-three years ago. I love you, daddy.

...a red-headed granddaughter, full of spunk and laughter.

...my love that treats me to DQ when the chocolate cravings get to be too much.

...friendly neighbors that share their eggs.

...watching a new visitor to the birdbath fly to my jeans hangin' on the line and try to get in my pocket.

...for warm days to do seat work outside.

...hands that can touch the dirty face of a happy boy with chapped lips.
...freecyclers that share clothes, visit my blog and enjoy it~!

...the Holy Spirit's conviction and drawing to make all things whole in my life.

...a desire for authentic community.

...imeem playlists that play the kind of music that warms my heart.

...four and then some more sons to serve.

...digital cameras that make taking pictures a pleasure.

...the beautiful colors of fall.
Photo taken by Daune
Taken on Monday, Oct. 27th
Freidrich Wilderness Park

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