October 9, 2008


From Drop Box

Isn't life more enjoyable when one can laugh at things that would otherwise bring frustration? That's something I should be comfortable with after all these years...for example, I have grown sons that used to make it their ambition to push all my buttons, (one son in particular) just to upset me. Then we have two more sons...and I sometimes think they believe their job is to always entertain...themselves and me.

I had to laugh when Caleb and I were going over a story he read and I asked him what rashly meant...all of a sudden, he begins to scratch, slowly at first, and then feverishly...I didn't catch it at first, but began to get annoyed at his seemingly ridiculous movements. Then I caught what he was doing...literally defining, in only the way Caleb can, the meaning of rashly...extreme itching from a rash...I just burst out laughing and then we went on.

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