October 7, 2008

~I'm Not going to Jail!!!~

Strange thing, the government system...over a week and a half ago, I received an envelope from the Bexar county police precinct stating that the fine I received in April was not paid for and that I was to send in immediately $190 and appear in court this month to decide if I was indigent or not and if I was, they were going to put me in jail!
The stay-at-home (literally) school mom going to jail!
Well, I called the office immediately to straighten them out and I used big words so they would know that they weren't dealing with an 'indigent'~
Of course, all my records were in the 'archives' and I was instructed to call back last Friday.

I forgot.

When I remembered today, I called, using the same words-"taken aback, perplexed, dumbfounded as to the meaning of this matter due to already having met all the requirements asked of me..." "Please hold..." "Please hold a little longer while I try to figure this out."...
Finally, the woman came back and told me it was taken care of...but to be sure, I'm sending her, "Liz" a self-addressed stamped envelope and she's sending me the copies of the 'closure'.!
Kinda made me laugh thinkin' that I could go to jail...now if it were for sharing Jesus, then I would feel honored. Perhaps that time isn't too far off. May I be ready.
May my life be such that there is enough evidence to indite me. Please Jesus, use me today to bring Your life to those who are in a prison.
Photos by Daune.
Taken Jan. 08 on the ranch;
Oct. 08,at San Pedro park

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