October 5, 2008

~Finally A Post!~

I can finally post after working on fixing whatever mix-up Blogger did to my page! Been a long, but fun day.
I wanted to bring a more 'fall' look to your viewing eyes.
I realize that the header picture has little to do with 'Freedom in the dance', but the 'subtitle' of life being so short, yet so eternal does definitely apply when one realizes that the grapes on the vine may die and they do every year, but our lives live on forever-either in victory or torment. I appreciate the hope I have when all around me is fear, doubt, pain, hopelessness and sorrow.
Check out Rach's blog, Rachael's Little World. She's on a quest for truth and encourages us to find out the facts about things like circumcision, etc...plus you'll see my granddaughter, too!
Here's a family portrait they have on their blog that I stole!
Thank you so much, Father, for our kids.


karynwalker said...

Gorgeous new pics !!

what a family

L.L. Barkat said...

Naughty Blogger. Naughty, naughty Blogger.

But you... have triumphed! : )


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