October 23, 2008

~Daddy's Favorite~

Yesterday we had a most excellent, delicious science class...everyone passed with flying colors and daddy was the happiest one of them all!

Today, we headed to a thrift store and I met a woman that introduced me to the world of selling books via Amazon.com...she even had her laptop set up in the store to check out whether the books that were 'fill a bag for $3' were worth filling her bag with...we had a great conversation and she showed me how to look to see if a book is worth selling as well as its ranking, and I left there, books in hand, excited to see if all these 'treasures' just sitting on the bookshelves might be of some value AFTER I read them!!! It was a great day of hunting for just the right ones...and they have this sale every Thursday...
I found books that probably aren't worth anything to anyone else, but I am delighted...
"The Delights of Reading"..."What Life Was Like in the Age of Chivalry"...two cookbooks, "Parenting-Clues for the Clueless"...and several others...even a photo journal that I'm going to pass on to Rachael for our newest grandchild!
Great day and beautiful weather...in the 60's...a little cooler...but I needed the exercise after eating those great cookies today!

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