October 20, 2008

~A Broken Pitcher~

Relationships are kinda like an old pitcher sitting on a stand. It can be extremely fragile, yet can carry such thirst-quenching qualities; refreshing to one's soul if filled with life. But what if the liquid is unhealthy, stale or deadly?

Last nite the boys were rough-housing and took it into the bathroom where I had an old pitcher that I really liked sitting on a little table. One boy pushed the other into it and it fell off the table and broke. I heard angry voices, harsh words and then stubbornness in defending and not taking responsibility.

A broken pitcher that shattered glass; what was inside spilled out and it was not healthy, authentic, or life-giving. Rather it was ugly and now mixed with broken glass, it can no longer be used to serve others or bring satisfaction.

But the pitcher has been removed, the pieces picked up and life is going forward. I see that whatever was inside had no choice but to spill out, either by being purposefully poured or bumped by an outside force.
If only the pitcher had been strong enough to be put back together and what was inside wasn't toxic.
I had to let it go.

I reminded the boys that it was their choice to defend themselves, shift the blame and deny their part, but that I was the one who suffered the most, not them. Their stubbornness and pride brought a separation in their relationship, as well as ours. Only repentance and a willingness to do whatever necessary to change would truly restore this relationship.

A while later one child came to me in humility and a desire to do whatever he could to pay for a new pitcher and showed a heart of sorrow for breaking something of mine. It showed a true heart of repentance.
I felt he had brought healing to this relationship because of his integrity after seeing the truth about himself. I was honored.

If only all relationships could be so easily repaired...

Photo of flowers from the side of the road on the way home from Boerne, TX...vase is my sister's! She probably would want it back, too, if she knew I still had it! ;)

Only wish I'd captured the broken glass from the pitcher.

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