August 10, 2008

~Another Funny Moment~

Ya know, the funny thing about the funny thing is that I find that when I laugh at myself, I enjoy my life more. I step back, see the hilarity in a ridiculous moment of blondness, and revel in Him and how He made me...and laughing, even if it's only for a brief moment, makes life lighter, more palatable.

Ok, the funny thing today was a conversation about life when we were all younger...remember the shows, the movies, etc.? Well, we were discussing different shows we watched on TV; shows like Green Acres, The Jackie Gleason show, Romper Room, The Dick Van Dyke show, and so many more.

(Ok, for all you younger people, YOU have no idea what you missed-you can always go to Wal-Mart and get these shows on DVD for a buck!)

Then I remembered "The Red Balloon" and there were two conversations going on at once...about that movie and a song about ninety-nine balloons, and I blurted out, "Was that movie based on a true story?"...think about the blondness of me believing that this red balloon had a life of its own and could follow a little boy all over town and then it DIED!

How tragic for that boy! The therapy he had to endure because his world ended the day those bullies chased him and his balloon and then they killed his balloon...oh, my word...!

Trust me, at that moment, we all laughed, but I'm not sure if it was because they thought it was funny or they were worried about me and just laughed off my insanity! The question came out quicker than my brain could remember what the movie was about, and by then it was too late! (Everyone really knows NOW how Blondie I am!)...

Laughter is really a gift. Medicine, Solomon said...He must have known...I'm sure he had a Blondie wife among the 700 he had or the 300 concubines!


Ashley said...


i'm glad i get to laugh with you - even in your blondness. it truly is a gift. i haven't gotten to watch any of the olympics because we don't have reception on our television. also, countries have a habit of only airing events that they excel in. i think for spain that consists of soccer... and maybe other things i'm unaware of but we'll see. i love watching gymnastics, diving,skiing (oddly enough)and of course ice skating. sasha cohen was ROBBED at the last olympics :)
life is good here in madrid. i'm in a weird place because i'm glad to be here but excited about going back to the states at the same time.
i love hearing from you, your thoughts and how you're experiencing God in your life.

I love you. tell the boys i miss them and always smile when i see their pictures.


amy said...


This is not a plug for my church...but this last weekend we had a service called awakening a generation...the first part might be a little dry but the last like 10 minutes is an awesome worship session. I am not sure watching it is not the same as being there but since you have young children I thought you would appreciate it.

The link is the same as before but here it is again



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