August 8, 2008

~A Funny Moment!~

Our church has been praying and preparing for 08/08/08 and the coming revival, which began this morning.

Well, last nite, while sitting and praying, something we've been doing for the last ten evenings, I felt something on my seat, or so I was in my pants...a clothespin. And somehow I wore those pants for over two hours before I discovered it!

I love hanging out my laundry, but not my laundry hangin' with me!


Renna said...

How funny!

melissa w. said...

only you my friend - only you :)

Freedominthedance said...

Yes, my love thought it was, not so much because once again it reminded me of how goofy I am and that these kinds of things happen to me all the time...
You are so right, dear...only me! Our pastor said today that he's got to make that chapter seven in a book he's gonna write: "A clothespin in my pants and I've worn them for two hours and didn't even notice the pain!" What the heck does that say about the size of my butt, or that I'm seriously numb down there from being beaten too much as a child~?
Help me, Dear Jesus, with not noticing the pain I sit on :o)


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