July 30, 2008

~Falling In Love~

Love found this book, "I Like Being Married", edited by Michael Leach, at the thrift store which he reads to me in bed sometimes. It's like a cool drink of water to our relationship and extremely romantic. Here is an excerpt:
Dear St. Valentine
I'm writing to you about a beautiful young lady who has been in the household for 24 years now-come March 4th.
I have a request to make of you but before doing so feel you should know more about her. For one thing she has 2 hearts-her own and mine. I'm not complaining. I gave her mine willingly and like it right where it is. Her name is Nancy but for some time now I've called her Mommie and don't believe I could change.
My request of you is-- could you on this day whisper in her ear that someone loves her very much and more and more each day? Also tell her, this "someone" would run down like a dollar clock without her so she must always stay where she is.
Then tell her if she wants to know who that "someone" is to just turn her head to the left. I'll be across the room waiting to see if you told her. If you'll do this for me, I'll be happy knowing that she knows I love her with all my heart.
Thank you,
"Someone" (Ronald Reagan)
married to Nancy since 1952
Now, that's not even the most romantic story, but it's stories like this that spawn fruit, good fruit in marriage. My heart is set like flint to be the kind of wife my Love needs and to see young couples enjoy this amazing gift called married love.
Here's another short excerpt from the book:
"From an illumined perspective, falling in love is not neurotic but rather one of the few genuinely non-neurotic things we do on this earth. Falling in love is an effort to retrieve Paradise, that dimension of bliss where no one is blamed for anything and everyone is fully appreciated for who they are. When we fall in love, we drop for however brief a time our tendency to judge. We suspend our disbelief and eschew our faithlessness in another human being.
What usually happens after that is not that we finally wake up to reality. What tends to happen after that is that we fall asleep to reality. We cannot wake up to our brother's imperfections, because the perception of imperfection is itself a nonawakened state. Our spiritual perfection in not altered by our imperfect personalities. Seeing perfection is seeing the light. Falling in love is not an illusion, as much as falling out of love is a fall from grace."
Revel in the gift of love today; first with the Lover of your soul; then with the one He gave you...life is too short to not enjoy.


Renna said...

Wow, that sounds like a great book for couples, or anyone contemplating marriage to read. I was so very moved by the Ronald Reagan excerpt.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

What an excellent reminder!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I truly appreciate it, and I look forward to reading more of yours.

Jessie said...

I do not know how I missed this before...but, YOU'RE A GRANDMOTHER!! *gasp*

I pray I look as young and beautiful as you when I become a grandmama!!!


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