June 19, 2008

~Thankful Thursday And Friday!~

After being away, as well as being a little sidetracked, I remember that Thursdays are a day to express a thankful heart. Oh, so many things to be thankful for...

Obviously life got in the way of Thursday and sharing what I'm thankful for, but today is Friday and I'm just as thankful today! Perhaps more since I prayed for rain last nite and woke to droplets spilling off the roof and the temp. much lower...only 74 at 9:30, rather than 85 already!

I caught some birds feasting at the feeder I put up right outside my window yesterday and that was a delight to watch. They even posed real pretty for me!

This little thing was very curious as to what I was doing...

I am thankful for beauty, color, water...

Thankful for the privilege of filling the bird bath and then soaking my toes and legs in the 'not so cold' water to cool off!

Well, that was yesterday's post~!

Since the temps have cooled some, it's only 94 now, I've snuck moments outside to get the laundry off the line and smell the breeze. (Usually I do this early or after the sun goes away...)

We spoke to Rachael this morning and my baby girl will be 27 in ten days...and I'm still young!!! At least in my mind I am! Her baby girl, Hailey,

announced that it's her birthday soon, Ovember, and she said something about Batman...not too sure what that was about, but it was such a blast to talk to her...she talks to the baby in Rach's belly!

Well, have a great weekend...my love is off for four days in a row, so we'll be busy being together and in love!


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