May 3, 2008

~The Show Must Go On!~

Tomorrow is the big day for
Late Night Live with Cleto Rodriguez
at Sea World! We're even having our church service there in the morning and then enjoying the day as a church family together and then we all got special passes to go to the show~

My love has worked tirelessly finishing up the set and today I'm back at home to help him get it finished...Josh has come to help...would love to post a pix, but that would be cheating because it isn't finished. Therefore, I think I'll just send a picture of the view I breathed in every time I went outside while away...enjoy.

...daddy came last nite to spend the nite and, boy, how we missed him...saying goodnite to the horses before they headed in to watch a movie together.

...Meet Claire, the larger, 1300 lb. white horse and Velvet, the deep brown, almost black 900 lb. horse.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

MOM, beautiful photos of the boys and dad....just fantastic. I just wanted tolet you know that i fixed the font on my blog per your request. =). love you, cant wait to hear from you soon.


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