May 1, 2008

~Learning to Rest~

Finding out that one has trouble resting and relaxing is quick and easy...simply go somewhere that no one is, yet be surrounded by choices that seem relaxing, but continue to cause one to not unwind (although all these things can be unwinding to one's soul) reading, cleaning, watering the garden, writing letters, and continue to look at the clock to be sure that there will be a meal at a certain time, etc...
Relaxing and resting is a choice, I'm finding. A determination to just sit and listen. Lay prone on one's back and just be still.
Being out here is absolutely invigorating. The breeze is soft. I hear the trees whispering to each other, 'who are these people and why are they staring at us?' The cats are not too fond of us because we've invaded their home, but the chickens are delighted to see the boys; although the rooster chased Caleb across the yard yesterday! The bird's sweet songs are intoxicating and the trickle of the fountain reminds me of my once-working bird bath that drew the attention of cardinals, the titmouse and chickadees-common visitors here, as well. A hummingbird thought my hair was a landing place or at least a place to check out as I stood at the garage door earlier.
I found Isaac outside before 8 a.m., complete with mud boots on, hauling the chicken water to their pens...just like old times. Caleb thought the cat had eaten the chicks, but Isaac had already taken them out...the night before we got here, a raccoon had gotten three chicks in their cages somehow, so now we had to bring the only two left into the garage at night. The last thing I want to occur is losing the last two adorable little chicks- eaten by ANYTHING!

I can't say how many times these little men have told me they love it here. I believe the country is in their hearts forever and someday, they will return...and I won't be far behind.

My time with my Father hasn't been as intimate as I want. I have to remind myself that He is the main reason I wanted to come here. Funny how the little things can distract me from running to Him and listening. I have had two awful dreams about a situation in our church that occurred recently and my soul has been grieved...sure I should pray until there is a release.

Gotta go and practice resting...till I get it right-His way- not mine.
Have a great day.

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